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Dr.Jart+ Dermask™ Ultra Jet Porecting Solution

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5pcs for a box

Deeply cleanses and purifies pores.

Saturated in soapberry tree extract, activated charcoal and the brand's surface pore care and deep pore care complex, this bubble mask will help to control excess oil, diminish the appearance of pores and purfiy for a clear effect.

Pore Care              Purifying              Balancing

What it is
A fun, innovative bubbling mask to cleanse, eliminate impurities, purify, and tighten enlarged pores.

Solutions for
- Pores
- Oiliness

What it does
An effervescent oxygen bubble effect flushes and eliminates skin impurities as it tightens and corrects the appearance of enlarged pores. Dermask™ Ultra Jet Porecting Solution combines cutting-edge essence and sheet technologies to effectively purify and detoxify skin. The ultra charcoal sheet wraps skin with a detoxifying and purifying effect. Saponine from the soapberry tree delivers a visible bubbling oxygen action that deeply penetrates pores as Deep Pore Care Complex tightens the look of enlarged pores. A Surface Pore Care Complex helps controls excess oil. 

*To get the most out of its cutting edge innovation, massage your face gently with the sheet mask on. More bubbles will be created for maximum pore care.

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