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Jayjun Anti-Dust Whitening Mask

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RM 10.50

10pcs for a box

Skin brightening and anti-pollution all at once!

Your skin is the gateway to your body. Protect it from the various types of environmental factors with this Whitening Mask. It is also ideal when staying indoors for a long time, as the skin tends to dry out. Brighten your skin with a little self-care!

Brightening           Moisturising           Soothing

What it is
A 3-step radiance-boosting mask invented with a dust-repelling technology infused with pearl extract to ensure a more vibrant looking skin.

What it does
Step 1 Jayjun Anti-Dust Luminous Mask
The skin soothing active ingredients included in this skin-brightening mask pack, seep deep into the skin and make the tired skin from fine dust look lively and clean and the skin brightening ingredient Niacinamide brightens up the skin.

Step 2 Jayjun Anti-Dust Luster Ampoule
It is a sleeping pack highly enriched ampoule that helps with skin brightening by lightening the colour of melanin in the skin and makes the skin smooth and shiny.

Step 3 Jayjun Anti-Dust Eyes Under Corrector
It is a skin brightening and wrinkle care double-functional cosmetic that brightens up the dark skin around the eyes and by delivering nutrients deep into the skin, tightening the eye area.

Solutions for
- Dust repelling
- Skin brightening

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