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Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask #Aloe

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RM 3.20 RM 5.50

The daily hypo-allergenic mask which delivers 7-free essence to the skin directly through the 0.2mm air sheet.

A water type essence that provides lightweight, refreshing hydration and helps decrease irritation and redness.

   Thin             Soothing          Natural Scent

These budget-friendly masks are formulated free of the top 7 potentially irritating chemical ingredients and are made with an incredibly thin sheet (it’s only 0.2mm!)
There’s no chance of boredom when you have a large variety to choose from in this line. Create your own personal daily combination to suit your skin’s unique needs!

Categorised by 4 different essence types:

  • The Moist Water Type Essence - light and fresh absorption
  • The Ampoule Type Essence - soft base and powerful moisture recharge
  • The Emulsion Type Essence - smooth absorption and nutrition
  • The Jelly Oil Type Essence - excellent absorption ability
  • The Cream Oil Type Essence - rich and creamy nourishing

#Aloe (moist water type) - Provides abundant moisture to dry, irritated skin with aloe vera and makes your skin comfortable and hydrated by relieving skin from external sitmuli and stress.

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