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Mask 101

Why sheet mask? Are the benefits really there or are they just gimmicks? Well, sheet masks are an everyday staple in Korea for a reason. Not only is sheet mask the simplest and fastest way to brighten and hydrate your skin with but it is packed with a lot of effective and beneficial ingredients. The skin benefits are nice, but to semi sweet it's really the act of sheet masking that blessed 20 minutes or more of self care — that makes the mask worth doing.

How to sheet mask and when do you apply it in your skincare routine?

The most important thing about a consistent skincare routine is to know the steps. 

  1. Start with a freshly cleansed skin.

  2. Follow with a toner.

  3. Apply your essence / serum / ampoule / oil. Sheet masks normally replace this step because they’re soaked in a highly concentrated essence so if you want to incorporate sheet masking in your routine, do so in this step. Make sure to remove any plastic mesh or film if it comes with the mask before applying it on to your face. If you still prefer to apply all of the above, apply the sheet mask after your essence/serum/ampoule/oil.
    *Tip: For an extra cooling and soothing effect, store your masks in the fridge.

  4. Longer doesn't mean better — leave it on for 15-20 minutes tops (set a timer!) or however long the instructions say on the package.
    *Tip: If the mask is stored upright, the essence may sink to the bottom. Shake well to evenly distribute the essence across the sheet mask.

  5. Remove the sheet mask from the bottom to the top.

  6. Massage your face... and your neck, your décolletage, your arms, your legs. As you probably already use the essence’s leftovers in the packaging beyond your face. Work on gentle upward motions—from your lower neck towards your chin, from the chin and outer corner of the lips towards your earlobes and ears, from the side tips of your nose to your temples, and so on. This helps to increase the blood flow to these areas, which gives your skin an extra natural glow.

  7. Don’t stop now — what comes after is equally important. Follow with your usual skin care routine to seal everything: eye cream, moisturiser, and sunscreen (applies to daytime).

  8. Ready, set, GLOW.

Should sheet masks be used during the day or night?

This actually depends on your preference. We recommend using it at night so your skin soaks up all the benefits from the essence while you sleep. However, it doesn't mean that it wouldn't provide your skin with benefits if you sheet mask during the day. A lot of people like to sheet mask during the day before makeup application because it rejuvenates the skin as well as provides the skin with moisture and a dewy glow throughout the day. Those with oily skin might want to use a sheet mask that is lighter in consistency (not as creamy or heavy) to avoid the extra glow.


How often should you sheet mask?

Everyone's skin is different but we recommend sheet masking 2-3 times a week minimum. Sheet masking everyday can be beneficial for the skin too (which in Korea called the “one day, one pack” method) but people with sensitive skin might react to that since sheet masks contain essences that are highly concentrated with certain ingredients that people with sensitive skin might react to if used daily. There's also nothing wrong with sheet masking once or twice a week especially if you're new to sheet masks.


Types of Masks

Microfiber Sheet Masks

Microfiber masks also known as cotton masks, are the most common and more affordable sheet masks out there. Due to their coarser texture, these tend to dry out quicker than other masks. Like most masks, these are infused in a highly concentrated essence to deliver a variety of beneficial ingredients to help with various skin conditions.

Cupra Sheet Masks

Made from “cotton linters”. These are short fibers that are left behind after processing raw cotton. This sheet mask material is white but has a transparent appearance when applied on the skin. It allows for moisture control and ensures that your skin is getting essence that is evenly distributed.

Hydrogel Masks

Hydrogel masks have a gel-type consistency and feel slick in texture and normally come in two separate parts (top and bottom) to apply on the face. They also tend to feel cooling on the skin. Unlike microfiber sheet masks, these are more transparent on the skin and offer a great absorption system which allows them to lock in moisture better.

Bio-Cellulose Masks

Bio-cellulose masks are made out of all-natural fibers (from good bacteria), are super thin which makes it adhere well to the skin, has excellent absorption properties, are very durable-will not rip or tear, which makes these more expensive than other masks.

Foil Masks

Most foil masks contain foil on the outside of the actual sheet mask. The inside part of the foil mask normally contains a soft cotton-like material which feels comfortable on the skin. Having the foil on the outside of the actual mask helps prevent all of the good for your skin ingredients from evaporating quickly. Foil masks are known for keeping your masks moist during the whole sheet mask session.

Clay and Charcoal Sheet Masks

Clay and charcoal sheet masks can range in many colours such as black, white, pink, and so on. These masks are saturated in clay and/or charcoal that contain detoxifying ingredients for soft, smooth, and pore-less skin.

Modeling Masks

If you haven't known it already, modeling mask is one of the must-have S.O.S items that instantly detoxifies, hydrates and brightens up your skin. Modeling masks have been a staple in Korea for years and are often used in beauty spa treatments for their calming properties and intense hydration. They basically start out in powder form, but with the addition of water, they transform into a thick goo that you smear over your face and allow to dry, then later on transform into a peel-off rubbery mask that gives skin multiple beauty benefits in a very short amount of time.

Clay Masks

As you may have guessed, clay masks are formulated with clays and have a thick, creamy consistency that feels delightful spa-like on your skin. Think of clay masks as a magnet for all the dirt and gunk in your skin — as the mask dries on your face, it draws out pore-clogging impurities while exfoliating dead skin cells and hydrating your skin. 
You should use it if: You have oily/combination skin, you’re concerned about visible pores and impurities, you want to detoxify your skin or you need a quick spot-treatment for acne.


Sleeping Masks

If you are a busy bee, sleeping mask may be the best type of face mask for you. Then again, who wouldn't want to reap skin care benefits while they sleep? Simply apply the mask before bed just as you would a regular facial moisturizer, and wake up with beautiful skin the next morning!

DIY Compressed Masks

The Compressed Facial Mask could be used by any person with any skin types. From dry to acne-prone skin, and create a customized facial experience with every use. All you need is a toner or homemade mixture of your choosing. Just pop one of the compressed mask tablets into your liquid of choice, slightly wring it out, apply it to your face, and remove after a few minutes. It’s that easy!